Why it helps to have a haircut when you need a fresh start

There’s a lot more to having a haircut than most people realize. There’s the physical difference it makes to your appearance and also the effect it has on you energetically.


Human hair grows about six inches (15 cm) a year.

While you’re sitting there having the ends snipped away, it’s not just the physical strands that are falling to the floor. There is also an energetic letting go of the span of time when that portion of your hair grew, together with the crystallized residues of thoughts from that period.

This is one of the reasons why some orders of monks traditionally shave their heads after taking vows. It’s a great aid to releasing their old life and starting anew.

Having a haircut also helps a lot when you make a fresh start of any kind in your life and especially when doing a major clutter clearing of your home.

I’m not suggesting that anyone needs to take the radical step of shaving their head to do clutter clearing, but having a haircut before you begin or during the process will certainly help it along, and it’s even more effective if it’s long overdue.

Try it and see!

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10 Responses to Why it helps to have a haircut when you need a fresh start

  1. So nice to realize my 17 yr old self knew this! After a difficult break-up I cut my very long hair into a short bob. It made me feel so much better. Years later, after my son was born, I cut my long hair into a very, very short do. Again, a feeling of new adventures calling. Since then I’ve regularly kept my hair trimmed and neat and every time I leave the hairdressers I feel ready for new things! Thanks so much for your wisdom.

  2. Yes I can totally relate to this article too. I have just had my hair cut short which I love. Having had long hair for decades I’m finding it very liberating. It’s also coincided with beginning a new chapter in my life and when I first had it cut short earlier in the year followed doing a decluttering course with Karen! So definitely links with decluttering and new starts..

  3. That article hit home – thanks Karen Kingston!
    I had my haircut about 2 weeks ago. And now I’m home from the hospital. I just had gastric bypass surgery. So as I’m working on my “body clutter” I’m also clearing out the clutter from my home –
    Transformations on every front!

  4. That’s so true Karen!!
    When one get a hair cut, it’s getting rid of the old stuck energy from the whole system. The new look gives & feels like a new “me” & energizes the person. Let go, and be open and receive approach in life!!!! Brings lots of changes in life. I have made it a ritual to honour myself and love and care for my being!! Thanks Karen for sharing.

  5. I could not agree more! Thank you for this physical angle of built up time and energy!

    During my first marriage I wore my hair loooong for about a decade, and I became so bored with this hairstyle (that´s what I thought it was). So I took 4 approaches with my hairstylist to cut it short, but he just wouldn´t do it, feathered a little more this time, gave me some highlights next time, so I finally went to a stylist I´ve never been before. He frowned but cut it off. Then he said “You know that if you´re with someone you are going to separate, do you?” I was absolutely sure that this had nothing to do with me and said “No way!” – but within a few month I had moved out and quit the relationship, a sharp cut that I never knew I was able to. That is 12 years ago now and I am happily married since 4 years again. This year I decided to give long hair one more try and discussed it with my hairstylist. He smiled and said,”You know, long hair means `stay with me`”…

  6. very synchronistic that this article popped up as i was thinking i needed to trim a few inches of old hair away to clear old times of stress, during that time a hairdresser had damaged my hair which i have been growing out to virgin since vowing not to ever have my hair “dressed” again. on the spring equinox i will snip away most of the remaining hair from that time. i am reluctant to trim such a big amount of hair as i like my length but somehow i feel like it needs to go, like it is clutter that needs to be released.

  7. This article has come at a poignant time as I am due a haircut. I have been trying to grow my hair, while I consider what style I want next. This seems to link in nicely with me being out of work and finished attending my university course. I’ve been looking for work, but nothing seems to be showing up. I am in a no man’s land, so maybe I need a new cut and style to set me on a new path. I understand Rita’s story, as I too am getting older and finding work is not so easy as it once was. I feel supported to make the decision to have it cut properly and not just a trim this Saturday… Gulp….

  8. Interesting. There is a similar belief in Japan . Forget now if it related to getting a new love or getting rid of one (!) but years ago in a restaurant I frequented the owner assumed I had had a change in my love life when I cut off my hair. And of course all monks and nuns here have shaved heads. Recently I have been thinking / feeling that my long hair is clutter of a sort so quite interesting to read this here today.

  9. When I studied in France, one of my French friends remarked, upon seeing my new haircut, “what, did you get a new guy?”. It seemed to me there was a cultural perception of the corollation that I hadn’t been aware of. But I’ve paid attention the past decade since and it certainly seems to hold that people change their hair when entering new stages of life!

  10. OMG Karen, I love your article, Thank you.
    It was sent to me by my friend.
    Two weeks ago I took the decision to go to the hairdresser and just chop off my long hair which I have always had for at least 20+ years. My decision to do it was rather to give me a new feel at life bcos I am going through a shitty situation at the moment. Nevertheless, after my hair cut, I just felt a new me. It gave me a good feeling and I was assured that I look good even if I was getting older. Wow I feel sexy and confident once again.
    So, coming back to your article, I totally believe in what you said. Thank you.

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