From Bali to England

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It’s now four months since Richard and I left Bali and my blog post have been a bit thin on the ground for a while because we’ve been so busy house hunting.

We thought we’d probably make our new home in California but much to our surprise, we’ve decided to live in England. We stopped off in England on our way from California to continental Europe for a few weeks, then came back, and we like it so much that we’ve stayed.

We realize we first arrived when England was at its glorious springtime best and English winters can be long and cold. But we’ve totally fallen in love with the place, with its beautiful countryside, rolling hills, untamed hedgerows teeming with wildlife, and especially its Cotswold stone buildings. We also really like the sparkyness that has emerged here in the twenty years since I last lived here. People are far more aware and more receptive to new ideas than they used to be. And it’s very well located for travel too. From here we can easily fly to the USA and all over Europe, as I’m sure we often will.

So England it is, then, and very happily so.

For now we’ve found a house to rent in a lovely rural location just an hour west of London. We have wild deer, squirrels, rabbits and pheasants in our garden and a view that stretches for miles. It’s the perfect place to get to work on publishing ebooks and recording audio books. In Bali I designed, built, and ran a hotel and conference centre and that was an invaluable experience, but it didn’t leave me much time for writing and I felt far removed from the world. Now I have time and feel very much back in the world.

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2 Responses to From Bali to England

  1. I’m so glad you have found a new home. I’ve been thinking about how hard it must be on someone so sensitive to energies to be loose in the cacaphony of traveler’s lodgings.

  2. Welcome back! The place you’re renting sounds wonderful and I hope you both settle in well to your new life together in England

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