Fourth edition of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui published

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui has now sold over 2 million copies in 26 languages, and to celebrate this, a new fourth edition of the book has been published in the UK.

ISBN: 978-0-349-41746-2
Retail price: £8.99
Available also in ebook format

It contains all the updates of the 2016 edition published in the US and Canada, and has a new cover that also echoes the design of the US one.

How different is this edition to previous ones?

In the third edition (published in 2013):

  • All chapters were updated and revised
  • A whole new chapter about Time Clutter was added 
  • A whole new chapter about Changing Standpoint was added

If you have the first edition (1998) or the second edition (2008), then it would be a good investment of your time and money to purchase the new fourth edition. If you have the third edition (2013) or the US second edition (2016), then the differences are not as substantial.

Will there be an audio book version?

Sorry, but no. The 2012 audio book is the latest version available, based on the content of the UK third edition (2013). It’s available in digital and CD formats.

Where to buy the new book?

It’s available from all UK bookstores, and can be purchased through Amazon in many countries around the world.

Our new Aussie online store will open in June 2017 and we are planning to stock the new UK edition as soon as it arrives here. Author signed copies will be available on request.

Copyright © Karen Kingston, 2017

About Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is a leading expert in clutter clearing, space clearing, feng shui and healthy homes. Her best known book, ‘Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui’, has sold 2 million copies in 26 languages. She is known for her in-depth, practical and perspective-changing approach.

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3 Responses to Fourth edition of Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui published

  1. John says:

    Excellent and welcome down under.
    Kind regards, John

  2. Arica says:

    Thanks, Karen! I’m excited about the new edition. The original version changed my life for the better and I’m looking forward to updates and changes that may effect me. I’m in the U.S. and when I looked on Amazon, the date of publication that’s available says 2016. Can you provide insight as to when that version will be updated in the States to the 2017 version? I really appreciate it.

    On a separate note, I’m really enjoying hearing about the move to Perth and all that it entails!

    • Hi Arica

      It took 17 years for the first US edition of my book to be updated to the second edition that was published in 2016, so I’m not expecting my publishers to offer to make any more updates for quite some time. However the current US edition and the new UK edition are very similar. The main difference is that the US edition has been translated into American!

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