Fast Track Clutter Clearing

Fast Track Clutter Clearing is my most popular online course. I’ve been helping people to clear their clutter for over 40 years and am a leading expert in this field.

Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course

Based on my 2-million copy international bestseller, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, Fast Track Clutter Clearing is the first online course that most people take with me because it gets great results and teaches lifelong skills that everyone needs to have. And most surprising of all to many people, it’s fun. Yes, really.

Never, in all my life, would I have thought of clutter clearing as a treat. But the way Karen structures the courses makes it more doable, and actually fun. Somehow, miraculously, she makes what was once a very daunting and painful process into something fun and empowering. – American participant

After taking Fast Track Clutter Clearing, most people are inspired and motivated to go on to take my Zero Procrastination course, which addresses time clutter and getting things done, and my Clear Your Paper and Digital Clutter course, which, for some, is the most challenging yet freeing of all.

For those who need extra help to sort through and declutter their wardrobe, I also teach a special course for that too, called Declutter Your Clothes.

Online clutter clearing courses in 2021

This year, I’m teaching each of these courses twice and the Fast Track Clutter Clearing course three times:

Fast Track Clutter Clearing (21 days – £75)
May 5-25, 2021 • Jul 5-25, 2021 • Nov 5-25, 2021

Zero Procrastination (21 days – £75)
Jun 5-25, 2021 • Sep 5-25, 2021

Clear Your Paper & Digital Clutter (30 days – £90)
Jul 1-30, 2021 • Oct 1-30, 2021

Declutter Your Clothes (21 days – £75)
Jul 5-25, 2021 • Nov 5-25, 2021

20% VAT will be added to all prices for UK residents only

At the time of writing, there are still places available on all courses.

Other online courses

If you’ve already cleared your clutter and are ready to take your life to the next level, I teach online courses to help with that too. You can find more information here:

Creating Conscious SpaceThe Seven Levels of Consciousness

If you have any questions about any of my courses, you are welcome to ask me.

Personalized help

If you would appreciate personalized help to clear your clutter instead of taking a course with a group, Richard conducts highly effective Online Clutter Clearing sessions. To help as many people as possible during the pandemic, he is still offering a 20% introductory discount to anyone who has never had an online session or onsite consultation with him before.

If you have already cleared most of your physical clutter and are ready to take your life to the next level, you are welcome to book an Online Personal Insight session to address mental, emotional and spiritual levels of clutter.

If you’re not sure which type of session will work best for you, you can book a free 10-minute Meet Richard video chat via Zoom.

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Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course

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About Karen Kingston

Karen Kingston is a leading expert in clutter clearing, space clearing, feng shui and healthy homes. Her two international bestselling books have combined sales of over three million copies in 26 languages and have established themselves as "must read" classics in their fields. Her best-known title, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, is now in its fourth edition. She is best known for her perspective-changing insights and practical solutions that enable more conscious navigation of 21st-century living.
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