Your etheric relationship with your home

Whether you are conscious of it or not, you have an etheric relationship with your home, with the land energies of the place where you live, and with your belongings.

Relationship with your home

What is your etheric?

The etheric is the vehicle of life force energy that all living beings have. Also known as chi, qi and prana, your etheric is the part of you that loves to be in Nature and to interact with animals and plants. It interacts with everything in your environment, including your home and your belongings.

A way you can consciously experience your etheric relationship to your home is to feel how you feel next time you go away for a week or two. When you return home, there will be a relaxing and spreading that happens as your etheric feels glad to be back. If this doesn’t happen, it’s likely you are living in a place where the land energies are not energetically nourishing for you.

Another possibility is that you have clutter in your home. Clutter clogs and stagnates the energy of a place and will change the nature of your etheric resting to an unhealthy one that drains you, makes you feel tired, and causes you to feel stuck in your life in some way. This is especially the case with clutter you’ve had for a long time or have sentimental attachments to.

How to improve your etheric relationship with your home

The only way to resolve an incompatibility with land energies is to move to a better location which, for some people, may not be an option or may take quite a while to arrange. But there are much easier solutions if the issue is clutter.

The first way is to break through the stagnation in your own etheric by getting fit, losing weight, and/or doing some emotional work to clear the stuckness in yourself. This will naturally result in you eventually wanting to clutter clear your home, which will have the effect of refreshing the ethericity of the space.

Or you can do it the other way round, which is to clutter clear first. This will have a revitalizing effect on your etheric, causing you to want to eat healthier, become fitter, and so on. For many people this is a much easier and much more effective approach.

Of course, if you have a lot of clutter, clearing it may take time. But little by little, a bit each day, you can really turn your life around. And when you truly understand that your home is a reflection of yourself, and that the ways you nurture or neglect it have such a tangible effect on your life, you will be motivated to clutter clear as never before to reclaim your life and get back on track.

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6 Responses to Your etheric relationship with your home

  1. Thank you so much Karen for your comprehensive answer. I had such a laugh when I checked out the feng shui bagua, my relationship area is either in my office cupboard or in the fridge ;)))
    I guess there is urgent need for some furniture moving.
    Lots of love and whatever you need from thankful Eve

    1. Hi Eve – A missing relationship area in a home is created when there is an entire missing section of the property. Each room in a house also has its own relationship area, which I guess is what you are referring to. But that is of less importance than the overall bagua of the entire home. So before you start shifting furniture, you may want to consider booking a consultation with a reputable feng shui consultant in your part of the world.

      In my experience of working with clients, there certainly can be feng shui issues in a person’s home that will cause relationship difficulties of one kind or another in their life. However, in many cases there are deep-seated emotional issues that need to be worked through that no amount of feng shui adjustments will help with.

  2. Hej Karen,
    Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge and wisdom.

    Reading your article about etheric relationship with your home and land energies I started realizing I live on the side of the road with divorced and single women (between 25-70 years), whilst the other side is 6 long-married couples. As far as I know the 5 single ladies, including me, would appreciate relationships but it simply doesn’t work out for us.

    Besides clutter clearing emotional and physical affairs, which of course raises the chance of meeting matching partners, is there something like a “stay single/no partner” energy line of nature? Water, or electric vein – can they have influence on that subject?

    Have you ever heard of such?
    With curious regards

    1. Hi Eve

      I have certainly come across situations where many people on one side of a street got sick with cancer or had other serious health problems, while people on the other side of the street were fine. The cause of that can usually be traced to a geopathic stress line that happens to run through one line of houses and not the other.

      It’s also possible that an individual house can become imprinted with with the sadness, frustration and other emotions of a person living alone and not being able to find a partner. If the houses on your side of the street have all had previous occupants who were single (this is unlikely, but not impossible), the problem could be what’s known as “predecessor energy”, for which the remedy is space clearing.

      Another possible cause is that all the houses have missing Relationship areas.

      Or it could simply be coincidence that there is a cluster of single women on your side of the street. Looking on the bright side, at least you have each other for company and support!

  3. Thank you Karen for reminding me about my relationship with space and home. I have your book Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui to which I am definitely returning to read again. Reading your blog is triggering so many things. I think I need your courses.

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