The energetic frequencies of clutter

When I walk into someone’s home, I can smell clutter, even if it is hidden away from sight in cupboards and under beds. Its musty, pervasive, energetic frequency is unmistakable.

Cluttered drawer

The frequencies of clutter

‘Can you tell what kind of clutter I have at home?’ the woman asked me.

I had already mentioned in my talk that I can often do this with people, so the ears of everyone waiting in line to get their books signed immediately pricked up to listen to my reply.

‘Yes,’ I replied, after taking a few moments to tune into the woman’s energy. ‘You like soft things – fabrics, clothing, cuddly toys, that kind of thing. And you love stationery. Stationery shops are a magnet for you.’

Her adult son, standing next to her, was so impressed that he jumped in too. ‘What about me?’ he asked. I could tell that he had hardly any physical clutter, but he loved to collect apps, widgets and so on. The way his mother rolled her eyes at what I said was all the confirmation I needed.

On another occasion, a journalist who was interviewing me asked if I could sense if she had any clutter at home. ‘You have a thing about sexy underwear,’ I told her. ‘Not just the odd item, but a whole drawer full of it.’

‘Enough!’ she said. ‘That’s far too much detail!’

A unique skill

This is not a psychic skill, as some people suppose. Far from it. It’s based on the simple fact that if a person has clutter at home then they carry the frequency of it with them wherever they go. If I’ve encountered that frequency before, I can identify and name it on the spot in the same way that someone might identify a smell they’ve smelt before or a taste they’ve tasted before.

This is an ability I’ve developed over several decades as a result of the hands-on experience of working in the homes of so many clients who have clutter. And my husband Richard can do it too.

I will add, for the benefit of anyone reading this who may one day meet either of us, that we don’t tune in this way to everyone we spend time with. It’s a skill we turn on or off as we choose, according to the requirements of a situation. It’s certainly not something we automatically. There is far too much clutter in the world for that.

But when it comes to our professional work, it’s such a useful ability to have. Used in conjunction with the hand sensing technique we use to read the energies imprinted in the walls, furniture and objects of a client’s home, it gives us deep levels of insights into why a person’s clutter accumulated in the first place, how it is affecting them in their life, and the best way to help them let it go. In one way or another, we use it in all the clutter clearing and space clearing consultations we do.

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6 Responses to The energetic frequencies of clutter

  1. I definitely have a drawer full of what some may call sexy underwear but I think of as pretty lingerie. But I most certainly don’t consider that clutter! For one thing it is meticulously organised. I always buy two pairs of knickers for each bra and store them together, one balled up pair of knickers in each cup of the bra, and all of it laid out neatly and according to colour. I have all in all around 25 such sets, most of them in black, but also some white, red, brown and green as well as some multicoloured ones, mostly consisting of thin mesh in one colour covered with embroidery in contrasting colours. And I wear them all the time, always taking a pleasure in figuring out what set of lingerie to go with the day’s clothing. Surely a drawer full of lingerie is not over the top in any way?

  2. This was a very interesting read and I would LOVE to know how you would characterize my clutter. And if this knowledge would help me to avoid accumulating it. I don’t think I really have a specific kind of clutter – no collections, no specific crazy clothing – just in general too much of everything to keep it organized. Weirdly enough, I also have four kids, so probably too many of these too…

    I also always overpack when traveling (I can travel with a carry on for two weeks, so it’s not like I am hauling my household around, but still I always pack more than I end up using). I might be up to something here. I think I will keep thinking about it. Maybe this “too much” is my underlying problem.

  3. I am absolutely not psychic, more or less than anyone else, however, I do consider myself to be very sensitive to others energy and many times sense fears, insecurities, needs, ailments, etc. Additionally, I often can smell things that others cannot smell! I am not so fond of this “gift” if that is what it is! I am not referring to obvious odors that all can smell, yet apparently odors that are indicative of something internal in a room, person or even energy in a town! I don’t understand but do believe! It is an odd thing but have been right on too many times to be off! I have to believe the odor comes from clutter from within that exudes on the outside! If I am understanding you correctly Karen, our external collections and clutter are indicative of what is coming from within! Not sure if this is what I am picking up on or not, but if clutter creates blocked energy in our home can it not also create blockages within a person, place, town, or object?

  4. Interesting, Karen. I’ve met people who stored their emotional baggage in stuff around their house. Stuff they wouldn’t use but carefully stored. Like a blocked off room full of art supplies. A kind of denial. I’d agree on the above comment. If it’s emotionally driven, nagging would just increase the protectionism. Because we’re carrying ourselves in it, it’s personal.

    I would note there’s a difference between a penchant to collect certain things as an amusement and a need or compulsion to collect stuff just for itself. The telling point is the charge it carries and the compulsion. And that tendency to make it personal and be offended by anyone who doesn’t respect it.

    An example that comes to mind – my mother collected elephants. It became a popular gift to give her. But she was never attached to them particularly. One day she gave them away. On the other side is people who shop compulsively for something like shoes that they never wear, even if gets them in financial trouble. That’s reflected in a clutter problem.

    I can also speak to the advantages of decluttering though. Focusing on what’s important and simplifying our environment makes for a much more comfortable home with far fewer obligations.

  5. Can you read people through email? Perhaps by my answers to questions, etc. My husband is a pack rat! I am trying to clear my clutter. I do not feel I have a right to clear his clutter. That is for him to undertake. We’ve been married over 30 years, are now in our 70s, and I’m trying to simplify our lives by downsizing. He says, ‘yeah, yeah, I’ll do it’, but never does. We live in Hawaii. What help is there for me? It’s driving me insane!

    1. Hi Joanne, In my Clear Your Clutter book I explain that I have only ever found two ways that are effective in helping someone else decide to clutter clear. The first is leading by example (doing your own clutter clearing regardless). And the second is education (usually best accomplished by getting the person to read my book, so that they come to understand how their clutter is actually affecting them). Nagging and ultimatums do not work. In fact they have the opposite effect.

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