What dreamcatchers really catch

The dreamcatcher in this photo may look very pretty, but if you hang it in your home, guess what it does? Absolutely nothing except gather dust, cobwebs, and stagnant energy.


Dreamcatchers were originally used by Native Americans, who are said to have believed they could help to filter a person’s dreams. Now they are sold in New Age stores as a kind of good luck charm.

They are a very good example of a so-called cure that causes more problems than it solves.

A dream-catcher will clog the energy of a space, especially if hung in corners or near beds. And the downward-hanging shape pulls the energy in a room down, which makes everything in life more difficult and makes clutter clearing harder to do (people who have dreamcatchers nearly always have many other forms of clutter in their home too).

My advice, whenever I see one of these items in someone’s home, is for them to take it down and throw it away. It comes as quite a surprise to some people to hear this, but for those who have perception, it’s a welcome breath of clarity in their life.

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3 Responses to What dreamcatchers really catch

  1. You’re welcome, Deborah. I wish I could remember more, but it has been a while since I took the course and I didn’t take notes. 😉

  2. I took a course with a Native Canadian recently about dreamcatchers and the dreamcatcher name is erroneous, given by non-natives. They were not created to catch your dreams at all. They were created to work through an issue in your life and when completed, they were burned to release the issue.

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