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Richard and I took a large financial hit as a result of Brexit and then Covid. We’re managing OK, but it has put me years behind writing all the new books I want to get out into the world while I’m still fit and healthy enough to do so (I’m 68). There are now seven books in the pipeline on a range of topics that include space clearing, clutter clearing and various aspects of conscious living.

I write every day, but the pace slows enormously when I’m busy running online courses and taking care of all the admin that involves. It increases exponentially when I can focus entirely on progressing the books. I love teaching, but I’m at a stage of my life when I long to be able to devote more time to writing now.

The knowlege and skills I have amassed during the years I’ve been teaching workshops and online courses have already helped tens of thousands of people. With Richard and I now combining forces to pour our wealth of experience into books, we know we can help hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more.

Sending you a very warm thank you in advance for any contribution, large or small, that you wish to make to support this happening.

Karen Kingston
Clear Space Living
1 January 2023

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