Double whammy decluttering consultations for couples

Decluttering for couples

We call them double whammy consultations, and boy, do they work!

What’s a double whammy consultation?

It usually begins with Richard or I working with one partner to help them declutter. Then the other partner sees the results, gets interested, and wants in. So after discussing this with them, we both turn up to the next session and Richard works with one person while I work with the other.

In the case of a male-female married couple, it usually takes the form of Richard working with the husband and me with the wife. We find that men like to begin in “manly” places such as the garage or garden shed while women prefer to begin inside the home.

What are the benefits of a double whammy consultation?

Without anything being said, a playful competitiveness usually develops between the couple for who can throw out the most stuff by the end of each session.

But it’s not really the quantity that’s important so much as the sense of satisfaction that is felt at the end. In one consultation we did, the husband decluttered his entire garage and let go of enough items to fill a skip (what Americans call a dumpster) while the wife tackled her paper clutter and only threw out three trash bags of documents. But both felt equally delighted with their achievement because they had been struggling for years by themselves to make any headway at all in these areas.

Each partner taking responsibility for their own clutter and clearing it also has the effect of bringing a couple closer together. It brings a new level of honesty to their relationship.

We’ve also seen that it’s very much quicker and easier when a couple decides to declutter their home at the same time rather than just one partner doing it without the support or active participation of the other. It creates a greater momentum and is much more fun. They are more able to help each other through any tough decisions they have to make and can celebrate together and enjoy the benefits of the clutter-free home when the job is done.

Do we like doing double whammy consultations?

Yes, we do! Richard and I love working together, so it feels very natural to work with other couples to help them improve the quality of their lives and fulfill their potential.

Where are double whammy consultations available?

We are based in Perth, Australia and offer this service anywhere in the Perth Metro area. We also sometimes travel to the East Coast of Australia to do consultations and occasionally to the UK.

East Coast Australia consultations
Our next consultation trip to Sydney is 28 May – 6 June 2019, and we’ll be in the Central Coast area 7-10 June 2019. Click here to request a consultation quotation.

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