Declutter Your Clothes online course

Learn highly effective techniques to declutter, reorganize, and change your entire relationship to your clothes. This is the only opportunity this year to take this online course. July 5-25, 2023.

Declutter Your Clothes

What the course is about

According to the United Nations Environment Program, the average person now buys 60% more clothing than 15 years ago and each item is only kept for half as long. The result is that somewhere in the world the equivalent of a full garbage truck of clothes is dumped into landfill or burned every second of every day. The environmental cost is enormous.

This course will help you to declutter and organize the clothes you’ve already bought and help you to make better buying choices in future, for your own sake and the sake of the planet.

How the course is structured

The course will be spread over a 21-day period, allowing three days for the completion of each of the seven steps, so that if life gets busy you will still be able to keep up, and whichever world time zone you live in, you will be able to participate with ease. To get the most from the course, it is recommended that you make a post to the message board every three days to report on the progress you have made or ask any questions you may have.

The course content will be tailored to the participants taking it. It will consist entirely of text posts, with the option to upload photos, and you will be able to log on at any time of the day or night to read and make posts.

Testimonials from previous participants

It’s unbelievable how many items I have parted with. I tried to do this myself several months ago, but with Karen’s expertise in guiding us, it was so much easier to accomplish what I wanted to do. – American participant

My wardrobe is now the leanest and most organised it has been since I was very young. One of the best realisations for me was the fact that I tend to wear a small percentage of my wardrobe often. This fact has made me realise that I would really be happy with much less. It also made me really focus on why I like to wear certain things instead of others. I have done a few of Karen’s courses, and have found the results of this one to be the most uplifting so far. – Australian participant

I let go of things during this course that I hadn’t been willing to let go of in years. For that I’m grateful. – American participant

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Booking details

Dates: July 5-25, 2023 (21 days)
Ticket price: £95.00 (plus 20% VAT for UK residents only)

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