The clutter clearing ripple effect

There is something I call “the clutter clearing ripple effect” that a significant number of people experience during every in-person workshop or online clutter clearing course I have ever taught.

Clutter Clearing Ripple Effect

I first noticed this effect happening when I used to travel around the world teaching a three-day workshop that began with an entire day about clutter clearing. During the following two days of each workshop, it would consistently happen that 10 percent of the class or more would report that their partner, family, relatives, friends or neighbours had spontaneously start clearing their clutter.

Curiouser still, this would often happen while the person was sitting in the clutter clearing workshop. They would go home at the end of the day, full of good intentions to declutter their attic or garage, only to discover that their partner had felt inspired to spend the day doing just that. Or they would hear from a relative or friend that they had suddenly started clutter clearing, even though it was not a topic they had ever discussed with them before. Or they would notice over the following days, as they started decluttering their own home, that their neighbours’ bins would become piled high with discarded clutter too.

Nagging or persuading doesn’t work at all, but simply getting on with it and doing your own clutter clearing will often inspire others to do likewise, without you having to say a word. And the wonderful thing is that they think it’s all their own idea, so they do it with enthusiasm and glee rather than a feeling of coercion.

The ripple effect continues

I’m happy to say that this ripple effect has continued since I switched to teaching online clutter clearing courses in 2013. Over 10,000 people in 65+ countries have taken courses with me since then, and because most events run for 21 days and involve much deeper levels of clutter clearing than my one-day workshop ever did, it’s usual for an even larger percentage of participants to experience this happy synchronicity. To some extent, it also happens when someone reads my book.

This is not a phenomenon that I’ve ever heard of any other clutter clearing teacher mentioning, so I think it has to do with the unique teaching methods I use. Instead of working with people at the level of astral dysfunction (wanting to hang on to things for all kinds of mental and emotional reasons), my teachings resonate with higher parts of a person that see the bigger picture and have no attachment to material possessions.

These parts understand the integrity of keeping the things we need to do what we are here to do, but not having so much stuff that it holds us back. And it is these parts of ourselves that communicate on higher levels to people we are close to, without us being aware of it. The frequencies of inspiration are passed from person to person, through a process known as superastral resonance.

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