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I’ve received quite a few emails over the years from people asking what to do about jewellery they have sentimental attachments to but do not wear or no longer wish to keep. Since I don’t wear jewellery myself I’ve never had a ready answer to give to this question, but a UK-based reader of my one of my books has come up with a neat solution that I think will work for many people. With her permission, I am passing it on.

She writes, “At age 60, I had collected gold jewellery from gifts, my own purchases, and little inheritances. There were some items I really never wore but still loved because they ‘contained’ the loving thoughts of others or the memories of lost relatives. So I was very reluctant to part with the jewellery and selling it seemed a bad idea as only a fraction of its worth would be reclaimed. I hit on the idea of taking the pieces I never wore to a jeweller and having him make one gold bangle from all the items together. I love this and wear it all the time. Jewellers will set any stones from rings into a bangle too.”

What I like about this idea is that the process of melting down and reforging metals has the effect of energetically purifying them, as I have observed many times in Bali when watching bell-makers at work, so the item that is made really is brand new. But if you have unhappy associations with any of the items that are melted down, these will persist in your mind and emotions even if something new is created, so I only recommend this process for items that you have happy or neutral associations with.

Why I don’t wear jewellery

If you’re wondering why I never wear jewellery myself it’s because metals conduct electromagnetic fields. This can be a health hazard when space clearing, so I always recommend that people take their jewellery off before doing a ceremony. It can also be a health hazard if you work with any kind of electrical equipment, especially devices that use WiFi.

Since I’m a professional writer and spend many hours a day working at my computer, I stopped wearing jewellery many years ago and have to say I haven’t missed it at all. But for those of you who still love to wear it and don’t spend much time using electrical equipment or WiFi devices, I hope this tip comes in useful. Many thanks to the reader who shared it 🙂

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