Why clutter clearing is much easier after a vacation

Arriving home after a trip is one of the best times to do clutter clearing because you see your belongings from a fresh, new perspective. What do you really need?


If you’ve been away for at least a couple of weeks, and even more so if you have been abroad and spent time in a culture that is different to your own, when you arrive back home you see it through different eyes. Things that have become clutter stand out and are so much more obvious than before, when you saw them every day but didn’t really “see” them.

It’s a good idea to give yourself at least 24 hours at home after such a trip, rather than rushing back to work the next day or doing whatever it is you do. Give yourself the time to review your life and make changes you want to make. This is when clutter clearing truly becomes a treat rather than a chore.

Post-vacation decluttering

Start in any room and look around it with new eyes. Which objects no longer fit with your life or with where you want to be headed?

Perhaps you have some pieces of furniture you no longer use or like, but you’ve become so used to them you no longer notice them?

Maybe you have some decorative objects that fitted perfectly with your life when you first brought them home but you’ve moved on now and they have not?

Having too many objects like this keeps you anchored in the past and makes it difficult to create a better tomorrow.

What about your clothes? This is a good time to weed out the ones you realize you no longer like or wear.

Look at your bookshelves. Take out the books that no longer interest you.

Also be sure to sort through any photos you took while you were away. Keep the best and delete the rest right then and there before they even become clutter.

If you share your home with others

If you share your home with others and they went away with you on the same trip, they are likely to be able to see things more objectively too, so you can invite them to be involved in the process.

If they stayed home while you went away they may not see things the way you are seeing them, so proceed gently, focusing on your own stuff and not even mentioning any of theirs. When you do your own clutter clearing because you want to, it has a lovely way of rubbing off on people close to you if you just get on with it and say nothing at all.

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One Response to Why clutter clearing is much easier after a vacation

  1. I just returned from a long vacation and can completely relate to this. Every time I’m away I see how few things one really needs on a daily basis, such as clothing items or toiletries. On this trip I purchased very few items. I was very aware of how objects I held in my hands felt and questioned my reasons for wanting to buy them. I especially admire art and handcrafted items but realized I don’t need to purchase them all to appreciate them. If I really like a piece then I take into consideration where I’ll put it and how it will contribute to the harmony in my home. Now back at home I’ve been going through my pictures and weeding out the ones I don’t want. I couldn’t resist buying some books, though, but it was the perfect opportunity for me to make room on the bookshelf and part with ones that I’m no longer interested in.

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