Clear your clutter and lose weight

The connection between clutter and weight gain is very well established. The good news is that if you declutter and stop compulsive buying, this usually results in weight loss too.

Clutter clearing and weight loss

Something I’ve noticed again and again is that it’s very rare to meet an overweight person who doesn’t have clutter. Not everyone who has clutter is overweight, it’s true. But most people who are overweight do have clutter.

The connection between clutter and weight gain

The connection between clutter and weight gain is that body fat and clutter both act as protective layers to help people to feel less emotionally vulnerable. However, the stagnant energy that accumulates around both causes a feeling of stuckness that can be very frustrating and restrictive.

Clutter and weight gain are both forms of self-protection. There can be other physiological factors involved in weight gain, of course, but most people find the process of letting go of their clutter also allows them to let go of their fat. If steps are also taken to stop compulsive buying so that clutter doesn’t accumulate again, the weight loss can be permanent.

Many of my clients have told me over the years how much easier it is to focus on dieting their home instead of dieting their body. And the great thing is that when they start looking after their environment more, they naturally feel more inclined to look after themselves better too. As one woman put it, ‘After you have cleared the junk out of your home, it doesn’t feel quite right to keep putting junk food in your body.’

Weight loss help

If you are overweight and reading this, don’t be upset – be inspired. If there really is a correlation between stagnant energy in your home and stagnant energy in your body (and I’m sure there is), then this means that great progress can be made by purging your home of everything you no longer need, use or love.

Over the years, many people have told me that after reading my Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui book, listening to my audiobook, and especially after taking my Fast Track Clutter Clearing online course, they have lost weight as a result of clearing their clutter. Better still, the weight stays off, providing they keep their home clutter-free. You can read a selection of their letters here: Readers’ letters

Clutter clearing and weight loss are so strongly linked that many weight-loss groups have my book on their recommended reading list because they have found how much quicker people lose weight if they declutter their home too.

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  1. I am the hoarder in the house and in a good weight range. My boyfriend is overweight but doesn’t tend to hoard. If one partner clears their clutter can it ‘fix’ the other one?

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