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The energetic effects of body piercings

I recently met a man who told me about a problem I had never considered before. His sister works for a funeral service provider, where they sometimes discover that a deceased person has a lot more jewellery than their relatives … Continue reading

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The modern trend for dual master bedrooms

Why do some couples sleep apart? Dual master bedrooms are the now hottest new amenity in luxury homes. What’s going on? This article explains the many reasons why this is happening. Continue reading Continue reading

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The truth about smartphone addiction

Smartphone addiction has become such a widespread problem that there are now ankle-level signs on moving walkways in some Asian airports to warn people to sometimes look up. Lampposts in London’s famous Brick Lane have been padded to reduce injuries … Continue reading

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Do you walk your dog, or does it walk you?

Cesar Millan, of Dog Whisperer fame, has searched through film footage and photos of decades of US presidents walking their dogs, and has discovered an astonishing fact: They all trail behind their dogs. He has observed that presidential dogs take … Continue reading

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How to move continents without losing the plot

I saw a Master Chef TV program recently where a contestant competed against a famous professional chef to cook a dish of their choice. The chef had many years of experience and created a culinary masterpiece. When asked if he … Continue reading

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