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My most popular articles of 2017

What an interesting year it has been. The five most popular articles on my blog this year have been about a wide range of topics, from sugar to smartphones… 1. WHY SUGAR IN YOUR DIET IS LIKE CLUTTER IN YOUR … Continue reading

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Why it helps to have a haircut when you need a fresh start

There’s a lot more to having a haircut than most people know, and definitely more than most hairdressers know. While you’re sitting there having the ends of your hair snipped away, it’s not just the physical strands that are falling … Continue reading

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My most popular articles of 2016

As the year draws to a close, here’s a look back at the five most popular blogs I wrote in 2016. I’m very surprised by the one that came top! How often do you change your bedsheets? Why it’s best to … Continue reading

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How Monty Python changed the world

There’s a delightful story here in the UK at the moment about an online poll conducted by Britain’s National Environment Research Council to name a new £200 million arctic research vessel. But it all went terribly wrong for the Council … Continue reading

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Could you wear a killer’s cardigan?

‘Could you wear a killer’s cardigan?’ This is one of many provocative questions raised by Bruce M. Hood in his book, Supersense: Why We Believe The Unbelievable (Harper One, 2008), and in some of his public lectures. First he will … Continue reading

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