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Why cordless phones are not cool

Most people would not want a cell phone mast located in their garden or anywhere near their home. But very few realize that using a cordless phone exposes them to a similar or even higher level of microwave radiation. It’s like … Continue reading

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Cell phones – the largest human experiment ever conducted

The world population is currently estimated to be around 7.4 billion. Of these, over 4.6 billion people use a cell phone. That’s around 62% of humanity involved in what some experts call the largest human experiment ever conducted. The link between nicotine and cancer … Continue reading

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Clutter clearing jewellery

I’ve received quite a few emails over the years from people asking what to do about jewellery they have sentimental attachments to but do not wear or no longer wish to keep. Since I don’t wear jewellery myself I’ve never … Continue reading

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How to shield your home from neighbourhood WiFi

A 3-bedroom apartment for sale in San Francisco has recently made the news because it has the distinction of having been extensively remodelled to block out all WiFi radiation from the surrounding neighbourhood. These and other modifications have notched the … Continue reading

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How WiFi can affect your sleep

Do you have busy dreams all night long and wake up feeling exhausted? Here are three very likely causes: You leave your WiFi router turned on all night in your home You keep your cell phone, iPad, or other WiFi … Continue reading

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