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Why air purifying plants don’t work in our homes

Oops. I do rigorous fact-checking before publishing anything but it seems I got this wrong. Research now shows there’s no point putting plants in your home to purify the air. In my first book, published in 1996, I stated, ‘We … Continue reading

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Read this if you often keep a smartphone in your pocket

Do you often carry a smartphone in your front or back pocket, or know someone who does? You’re about to find out why this may not be a good idea. The National Cancer Institute announced last week that colorectal is … Continue reading

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10 ways to counteract harmful blue light from screens

I’ve always been able to get to sleep very quickly. I have a good wind-down routine at night and within a few minutes of getting into bed, I’m asleep. But this changed about four years ago when it started taking me … Continue reading

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The delights and idiocies of open-plan design

In tropical regions, where people spend most of their time outside, small windows are the norm in traditional homes. Less light equals less heat, and having a cool, dark bedroom is infinitely preferable to one that is hot and light. … Continue reading

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Modern furniture outgassing

I once stayed in an English hotel with my husband, Richard. We went to bed feeling fine and woke up feeling terrible. At first we thought we’d both come down with flu. We had dry throats, stuffed up noses, stinging eyes, … Continue reading

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