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The best place to store ashes

I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer to this question may surprise you! Continue reading Continue reading

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When someone dies, do you really need to keep things to remember them by?

All objects become imprinted with the energy of what happens around them. If someone gives you a personal item, or you buy something second-hand, it will carry the energy traces of the person who owned it before. If it was … Continue reading

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Death – The Great Journey

Death is a natural part of life, but even talking about it is largely taboo in Western society. I discovered a very different attitude to this during the twenty years I lived in Bali, where the topic is openly discussed … Continue reading

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Moving on after the death of a pet

How we deal with loss as a child forms the way we deal with it as adults, and according to John W. James and Russell Friedman of The Grief Recovery Institute, children have a natural ability to deal with this … Continue reading

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After a bereavement

Sorting through the belongings of someone who has died is so final. It means facing the fact that the person has really gone. Yet sooner or later, it needs to be done, and there are some things you can do … Continue reading

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