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12 feng shui tips for living well in a tiny home

The trick to living well in any home is to consciously choose each item you own so that it reflects who you currently are and where you are headed in life. Your home then becomes a place that nurtures and … Continue reading

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What dreamcatchers really catch

The dreamcatcher in this photo may look very pretty, but if you hang it in your home, guess what it does? Absolutely nothing except gather dust, cobwebs and stagnant energy. Originally used by Native Americans, who are said to have … Continue reading

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The problem with integral garages

Integral garages are a challenging feng shui issue in many modern homes today, especially in the United States, where so many houses are designed that way for convenience, with no thought for the energetic effects. There are a number of problems this can cause. Continue reading Continue reading

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What is chi?

Feng shui books frequently talk about balancing, harmonizing and enhancing chi. But what exactly is chi? Can you see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, smell it? Is there good chi, bad chi, neutral chi? Does it come in … Continue reading

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The trouble with ticking clocks

A ticking clock in your home can affect you in ways you may not realize. Feeling that time is running out One of the primary effects of living with a ticking clock is that you are likely to feel that … Continue reading

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