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The problem with integral garages

Integral garages are a challenging feng shui issue in many modern homes today, especially in the United States, where so many houses are designed that way for convenience, with no thought for the energetic effects. There are a number of problems this can cause. Continue reading Continue reading

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What is chi?

Feng shui books frequently talk about balancing, harmonizing and enhancing chi. But what exactly is chi? Can you see it, hear it, touch it, taste it, smell it? Is there good chi, bad chi, neutral chi? Does it come in … Continue reading

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The trouble with ticking clocks

A ticking clock in your home can affect you in ways you may not realize. Feeling that time is running out One of the primary effects of living with a ticking clock is that you are likely to feel that … Continue reading

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Why beams are such a feng shui no-no

The reason why exposed beams are so problematic is because they dissect the energy of a space. The sharper, lower and more prominent the beams, the stronger the effect will be, and this room is a splendid example of all … Continue reading

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Why wind chimes are the UK’s most hated garden accessory

A UK poll conducted by market research company reveals that caravans parked in driveways, garden gnomes and over-sized trampolines are high on the list of Britain’s most hated garden accessories. But the most hated, by far, are wind chimes. The literal … Continue reading

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