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The trouble with ticking clocks

A ticking clock in your home can affect you in ways you may not realize. Feeling that time is running out One of the primary effects of living with a ticking clock is that you are likely to feel that … Continue reading

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Why beams are such a feng shui no-no

The reason why exposed beams are so problematic is because they dissect the energy of a space. The sharper, lower and more prominent the beams, the stronger the effect will be, and this room is a splendid example of all … Continue reading

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Why wind chimes are the UK’s most hated garden accessory

A UK poll conducted by market research company reveals that caravans parked in driveways, garden gnomes and over-sized trampolines are high on the list of Britain’s most hated garden accessories. But the most hated, by far, are wind chimes. The literal … Continue reading

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How to deal with uncontrollable noise

Feng shui is a long-term lifestyle choice that can be systematically applied to enhance all areas of a home. But some people view it as an all-purpose fix-it system with miraculous powers to banish anything uncomfortable from their life. An example … Continue reading

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Getting the right balance in your home

Something I often notice in the homes of people who have a tendency to be depressed is that there tends to be a preponderance of downward-pointing items, which reflects how they feel inside. It’s not that all downward-hanging items must be avoided, … Continue reading

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