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Why timeboxing is so awesome and how you can harness its power

Out of the top 100 techniques for getting things done, timeboxing is rated best of all. Clutter clearing works best when you break it down into small manageable chunks and schedule time on your calendar to do it. When I … Continue reading

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How you can help to end the fast fashion fiasco

The global textile industry is worth about 1.3 trillion US dollars and is now the second worst polluter of the environment after oil. It’s not sustainable. Something has to change. Until fairly recently, no-one gave much thought to recycling clothes. … Continue reading

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The best place to store ashes

I am often asked where is the best place in a home to store the ashes of a deceased person or pet. My answer may surprise you! This type of question appears quite often in my inbox. Continue reading Continue reading

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The problem with open-style storage

I’ve been pondering why on earth so many people have adopted the new fashion for open style storage. It makes most homes look far more cluttered than they really are, it creates more cleaning, and it exposes everything to much … Continue reading

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Win a free place on my Declutter Your Clothes online course

From time to time I offer free places on my online courses to help make them available to everyone, rather than just the people who can afford to take them. I am offering three free places on my highly effective¬†Declutter … Continue reading

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