5-minute clutter clearing tips

Clutter can really get you down. Here’s how to make a noticeable difference to the main living areas of your home in just 5 minutes. Guaranteed to cheer you up!

5-minute clutter clearing

Even if you have a busy life, it’s amazing how much clutter can be cleared in short bursts. Here are some key areas of your home you can clutter clear in 5 minutes or less to see some inspiring results…

Your foyer or entryway

First impressions count. What you see when you first enter your home sets the energy for what happens in the space. Tidying or clearing any items that have been dumped there will make a huge difference, especially anything at floor level such as shoes.

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Your kitchen

A clutter-free kitchen creates a clutter-free heart to a home. Locate where clutter most often accumulates in your kitchen, clear everything out of that area, and place a prominent sign there that proclaims it as a CLUTTER-FREE ZONE.

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Your living room

The biggest impact you can make in your living room in the shortest amount of time is to clear the most central feature in the space – usually a coffee table, dining table or other surfaces that collect clutter. You’ve probably got so used to stuff being there that you don’t even see it anymore.

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Your bedroom

Quickly raise the energy of your bedroom by having a five-minute whiz-around to pick up every item of clothing and put it where it belongs, in a drawer, on a hanger or ­­­­- if it’s too whiffy or crumpled to wear – into your laundry bin.

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Your bathroom

Clear out any skincare, haircare, grooming or beauty products you’re not using. They’ll be quick and easy to spot because they are the ones covered in dust!

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Don’t forget what a difference vacuuming can make. After your five-minute tidy-up sessions, a quick whizz around with a vacuum can lift the energy of any space and make it feel instantly better.

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